Club night: Archaeonarchy in the UK

David Cleasby's presentation... 15.12.2020

...about his journey as a maritime archaeologist through some of the most interesting sites in the UK.

Presentation will be in English, but as the Teams is in discussion mode, you can ask questions if something escapes...

Place & Time: Teams, 15.12.2020 begining at 6 PM: Click here to join the meeting

David's presentation was recorded and it can be found here.


Some of the most interesting sites include:

- Bouldnor Cliff, the best underwater Mesolithic sunken terrestrial site in the UK

- The survey of the Thesis, a 19th century freighter lost off the beautiful Sound of Mull, Scotland

- Zadar sunken Roman harbour from 1st century AD Croatia

- Llangorse, an ancient crannog from South Wales

I also will go through my journey on the projects and NAS courses, which will highlight ideas for the future and the NAS curriculum we as MAS have bought into. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A during and after the presentation